Following the success of Terry Richardson’s ‘IT’S NOT FITNESS, IT’S LIFE’ Equinox came to JWALK to extend their campaign online.
JWALK’s task was to create a digital presence that reflected the chic luxury of the in-club experience – enhancing the brand’s image, augmenting brand visibility, and keeping the brand connected with the motivated, upwardly-mobile consumer.




We devised an integrated digital strategy including geo-targeted Facebook tabs that promoted monthly content, creating a social destination that engaged Equinox’s audience on a more personal level. We also created a photo app. so fans could share photographs showcasing their interpretations of the campaign’s pillars – eg. agility, confidence, 


JWALK’s CRM strategy saw a 24% increase in open rates to 10% above industry average and a 10% increase in click-through rates (double industry average). Social media engagement also rose by over 100%.